Coronavirus pandemic affecting the way we say goodbye to our loved ones

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting the way we hold funerals in an age of social distancing. A local funeral home is doing what they can to make sure everyone gets a proper goodbye.

“Not many people are doing services anymore, unfortunately. People have so many family members, they don’t see the point of having services right now because they can only have 10 or less,” Koryn McCafferty, a funeral director at McCafferty Funeral and Cremation, told FOX 29.


This sadly means that funeral directors like McCafferty are often providing final goodbyes in empty rooms.

A video they shot and shared with the family of one of those goodbyes, showing workers at Washington Crossing honoring a military veteran, is what led the various people doing this kind of work. They are some unsung and often unknown heroes.

“Normally, the honors being rendered and taps being played are in front of the family. My dad actually got to go back and videotape," McCafferty said.

They were also able to share it with family that through the fear of the virus spreading, or in some cases, fear of violating social distancing rules, couldn’t attend.

That’s the sad reality that many are living with. They realize that families are unable to celebrate the lives of lost loved ones are dealing with unthinkable pain, so if they can bring any comfort, they must.

“Just to make sure that they know that their loved one is being taken care of 24/7. We do not leave their care, they are given the same respect and dignity that they should always be receiving," McCafferty said.

She didn’t want to spend time discussing the added risks of caring for victims of the coronavirus, instead, she acknowledged it, and redirected the discussion to the grieving families.“Everything is just a way of celebrating their life.

"The music, the flowers, the casket, we do this just so they’re aware they’re having a beautiful send off like they should be," she explained.

Although these are the heroes that people wish they didn’t need, the families telling us of their appreciation say that they are heroes nonetheless — for goodness sake.

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