Couple charged with forcing teen into prostitution, drug use

Authorities in Burlington County, New Jersey have arrested and charged a couple in connection with a human trafficking investigation.

Police have arrested Christopher White, of Eastampton, and Adria Regn, of Mount Holly. Both are facing a number of charged including human trafficking of a minor and promoting prostitution of a minor, along with other related charges.

Police say the couple forced a 17-year-old girl to engage in prostitution at area motels for their own profit, and would post nude images of the girl on to advertise her services as an 'escort.'

Investigators also allege the couple had the teen snort crystal meth with them while they had her work as a prostitute.

The investigation began after the victim reported allegations that she was forced by White and his girlfriend, Regn, to work as a prostitute for a period of 10 days in October 2016 at various motels where they lived in Burlington County.

Both Regn, 27, and White, 19, face up to 20 years to life in prison if they are found guilty.

The couple will likely face additional charges for allegedly posting nude photos of the 17-year-old victim on the internet, according to investigators.

"This is a classic case of human trafficking where these defendants allegedly trapped an underage girl in dehumanizing circumstances in which they gave her drugs and forced her to have sex with multiple men per day," said Attorney General Porrino. "It's terrible for anyone to be exploited in this manner, but it's especially heartbreaking when the victim is so young and vulnerable."