Couple Leaving Hospital After Birth of Baby Has Car Stolen

(INSIDE EDITION) An Oregon couple's joy at the birth of their newborn daughter quickly turned to horror after their car was stolen from the hospital parking lot as they prepared to bring their baby home, they told

Dalan and Krysta Askew welcomed their third child, Penelope Jade, into the world last weekend at Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center in Gresham.

The proud parents woke up to bring little Penelope home last Tuesday, with Dalan loading gifts and supplies into their 1990 Subaru Legacy, parked in front of the hospital's birthing center, as Krysta waited with the baby.

"I went outside to load up our car seat base and came back about an hour later, and our car was gone," Dalan told "I was pissed. I had the keys in my hand and no car and just -- nothing to show for it."

On top of their anger, he and his wife were devastated. Not only were the new keepsakes they thoughtfully bought and were gifted by loved ones gone, but sentimental items dating back to their wedding were taken as well.

"I always kept her garter from our wedding around my rear view mirror and now it is gone, something her and my mother made for our special day," Dalan wrote on a GoFundMe page created to spread awareness and raise money for a new car.

Their older daughter's car seat, their son's books, their children's life jackets and Dalan's hard hat his father gave him when he began his career in construction were also inside the stolen car.

"So many things just taken from my family that I worked so hard for," he continued. "Memories and things that hold no value to anyone else [are] just gone. I wish I could take the hurt away from my children and wife. I don't care about the car; I just want our things back."

Alan told he was stunned to see his car stolen, but was especially shocked that the thief was so heartless as to take a vehicle from a hospital.

"I know people steal cars from other places in the street, but from a hospital? I would never have imagined anybody taking a car from a hospital," he said.

The stress of the theft has especially taken its toll on Krysta, who was already suffering from high blood pressure when she arrived at the hospital to give birth.

"When I told her our car was stolen, we had to stay another night [at the hospital] because it was so high," Dalan said.

As of Monday, the Askews have raised about $1,615 of their $5,500 goal, which they said would go toward a car and to replace supplies for their baby. And while they hold out hope for good news on their vehicle, the Askews said another couple generously donated a Subaru for them to use.

"We're very grateful," he said. "We're very happy thinking people out there still care. There is still hope."

The Gresham Police Department did not immediately return a request for comment by