Over 20 departments needed to extinguish devastating Pennsylvania warehouse fire

Crews from over 20 fire departments were needed to extinguish a massive warehouse fire that impacted several businesses early Tuesday morning. 

The blaze broke out at a warehouse on the 1500 block of Lehigh Drive in West Easton around 5 a.m. and quickly spread throughout the building. 

SkyFOX flew over the massive inferno and captured trucks in flames and large stacks of burning lumber as the fire raged out of control. 

West Easton Volunteer Firefighter William Bogari told reporters the fire immediately struck three-alarms and the position of the building made it tough for crews to attack. 


"Access to this property is very difficult, there are multiple tenants, multiple entrances and none of them really connect," Bogari said.

To make matters worse, only two fire hydrants were immediately available to firefighters. They ended using four tanker engines to pull water from the nearby Lehigh River. 

No one was hurt in the fire that required 23 departments to extinguish. The Department of Environmental Protection and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are investigating. 

Power was briefly shutoff to about 4,000 people due to a main that ran near the warehouse compound. 

"As far as our company and the other companies, there’s nothing left of any of it," Jeff Mesler siad. "The building, any assets or content that’s in the building, there’s nothing left."

Crews were still working to extinguish some hotspots at the property Wednesday morning.