String of catalytic converter thefts in Delaware County targeted specific vehicle type

The ongoing trend of catalytic converter thefts appears to be victimizing a new type of vehicle in one Pennsylvania community, according to local police. 

Officers in Haverford Township say there were nearly a dozen catalytic converter thefts over the weekend, and many of them the vehicles were Volkswagens. 

"This is really the first big spike we’ve seen in quite some time, we’ve had a few sporadic here and there, but it’s not just us it’s regionally," Haverford Township Police Chief John Viola said.

Investigators in Haverford believe the thieves are coming from outside the town. Many of the thefts last weekend happened to cars parked near Township Line Road.


"We’re assuming they’re coming from out of the city, going off Township Lin,  driving up and down streets, looking for a car they want, and then cutting them off," Chief Viola said.

Police have scant leads on the suspect's vehicle, but one witness who called police reported seeing a white vehicle with dark tinted windows. 

"It’s a problem, it costs a lot of money for a converter to get replaced," Chief Viola said. 

Anyone with information on the recent spate of catalytic converter thefts in Haverford is urged to contact police.