Crews respond to house collapse in Trenton

Crews were on the scene of a house collapse in Trenton, New Jersey, Wednesday afternoon.

"My house felt like an earthquake came through really quickly." That's how neighbor Trayshawn Collins described the explosion that rocked her Wayne Avenue home in Trenton Wednesday afternoon, sending her scurrying out into the street.

"There was like debris and glass and stuff from the house in the middle of the street. I had to blink a couple times as if is this real," she explained.

"I heard like a loud boom, the house started to shake a little bit," said another neighbor.

Collins and others quickly reached the two partially collapsed homes across the street and went into action, trying to save those inside.

"I'm like hello is anybody in the house, then there was a scream for help," Collins told FOX 29.

Trayshawn and other rescuers bashed in a window and pulled an elderly man and woman from the home. They suffered minor injuries. On Wednesday evening, the state police and an urban search and rescue team arrived on scene with high tech cameras and specially trained dogs to search the homes again.

"The other house was a vacant house as a result, we're not 100 percent sure if in fact someone's underneath the rubble or not," said Director Quareeb Bashir of the Trenton Fire Department.

"They said something about a gas leak that brought the houses down," said Stephon Fearom.

Crews from Public Service Electric and Gas shut off gas and power to the neighborhood while firefighters and search teams worked. Neighbors were escorted back onto their block just before seven. Trayshawn Collins telling FOX 29 she was just glad to help out.

"I just thought well if i needed help. I would expect people to come and help me quick as possible," she said.

Search and rescue teams did not find any more casualties in the rubble. Gas crews worked into the night to make repairs near the home. Demolition crews are expected to tear down the two homes Thursday.