Criminal probe on-going at Burlington County Lutheran church

There's more controversy tonight at a Burlington County Lutheran church. Now, two teachers have been let go and the husband of one of teachers is raising questions.

On the phone today the Burlington County prosecutor confirmed the criminal probe is on-going. While the former teacher's aide was walked out of the church months ago, parents want to know why the investigation is taking so long.

David Jost--the senior pastor at Saint Paul's Lutheran--refused to speak with FOX 29's Jeff Cole again Wednesday when we showed up to ask questions about the long-running criminal probe.

As FOX 29 29 first reported in February, a former teacher's aide is under investigation by the New Jersey State police and the Burlington County Prosecutor for alleged sex abuse of students as young as five.

A parent says several students have reported the alleged abuse at the ReJoyce Christian School now renamed The Little Tree Preschool.

The Burlington County Prosecutor confirmed to FOX 29 the investigation "remains open" but declined to answer questions. A parent--whose son has disclosed he was allegedly touched by the aide--and has been interviewed by investigators--tells FOX 29: "I'm very disgusted by the length of the investigation given the fact the alleged perpetrator has not been arrested."

FOX 29 is not naming the young male former aide because he has not been charged.

There was no answer at his home Wednesday. Earlier in the year, a man in the home confirmed the probe.

Now, more controversy. FOX 29 has learned two teachers at the school were let go at the end of the school year last Tuesday. A source says they were told it was due to "low enrollment."

Don Sutton's wife,Carin,is one. He's a former board member at the school. He says his wife raised concerns about the aide with church leaders.

Sutton says his wife did not witness any sexual activity but had serious concerns.

"Can't have kids sitting your your lap. It's maybe OK at home, but there were restrictions put in for the safety of the church," he said.