DA: Fatal shooting of man by his father in Reading was 'justified use of force'

The Berks County District Attorney has ruled that a father's fatal shooting of his son was justified. 

Authorities say the shooting occurred on Saturday, August 13, on the 600 block of North Front Street in Reading. 

According to the DA's Office, police responded to the home for reports of a domestic incident. 

Police say Alexis Martinez was visiting his father and threatened him. 

Martinez, who has a history of assaults and mental health issues, had been drinking prior to the incident, the DA's Office says. 


Officials say during a confrontation in the home, Martinez threw a glass beer bottle at his father and threatened him with a large knife and another weapon. 

According to authorities, Martinez was then shot by his father and he was later pronounced dead on the scene. 

The DA's Office says the shooting was justified. 

"After a thorough review of the above incident and after consultation with the Reading Police Department, the District Attorney has determined that the homicide of Alexis Martinez by his father was a justified use of force," the office said. 

No additional details were released by authorities.