DA: Former Berks County teacher had inappropriate relationship with student

Authorities say a 37-year-old former English teacher at Muhlenberg High School had an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old student.

According to authorities, in June detectives initiated an investigation after receiving a Child Abuse Complaint from Childeline and the Berks County Children and Youth Services. During the investigation, detectives learned that Stephanie France Luckey allegedly had inappropriate contact with the male student.

Investigators say during forensics interviews on June 20 and July 13, the student said that in April through June of the 2016 school year, Luckey created a private Twitter account so she could privately converse directly with victim. According to authorities, during this time period, the conversations between the victim and the former teacher allegedly tuned sexual in nature.

Authorities say Luckey allegedly sent five to ten partially nude and nude photographs of herself. Also, Luckey is accused of sending a video recording of herself performing a sexual act. Furthermore, the victim disclosed that the former teacher and he would kiss in her classroom after school, according to investigators.

On August 4 , the Luckey submitted her resignation to the Superintendent of Schools, at the Muhlenberg School District, authorities say.

On September 26, detectives obtained a warrant of arrest for Stephanie France Luckey. Today, Luckey surrendered to detectives at the Berks County District Attorney's Detective office. Currently, she is being processed and awaiting video arraignment.