DA: Gun trafficking organization operating in Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia counties dismantled

A gun trafficking organization that illegally obtained and resold 44 firearms in Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia counties has been dismantled, authorities announced Thursday.

Nine adults and five juveniles were arrested or are being sought for charges related to straw purchases of firearms and illegally transferring firearms, according to investigators.

Police were called to a Norristown home on Green Street in early August for a report of a shooting.

Investigators say they not only found a wounded 17-year-old but empty gun boxes for weapon Anthony McCrary, 23, is alleged to have illegally purchased.

Investigators believe the 17-year-old is also involved in the illegal gun trade. His mother tells FOX 29 he’s on the run.

"We put every single resident in danger when people are arming criminals," Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele said during a press conference Thursday morning. 

The Montgomery County DA says the men were all involved in a gun trafficking ring which put dozens of firearms on the streets of the region.

He adds five juveniles with one as young as 14 also played a part in the straw purchasing of weapons in which a “legal buyer” buys for “illegal buyers.”

Investigators say out of the 44 guns bought only six have been found. According to the district attorney’s office, the teens took to the web to move their guns.

"The 38 others we don’t know where they are. That’s the danger of a straw purchase we may never know the true extent of the danger these defendants and juveniles have done," Steele said.

A list of the weapons runs nearly a full page. They were bought at gun stores across the region, including TreeLine Sports in West Norriton where the owner says sniffing out a straw buyer is a long shot.

"There’s nothing we can do about it. Certainly, we don’t want to entertain anybody buying a gun illegally or for somebody else for any purpose," Jeff Zachary said.


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