DA: Scammers posing as Montgomery County detectives to coerce victim's to pay off fake warrants

Authorities in Montgomery County are warning residents against a phone scam after several people received calls from a person who claimed to be a detective in the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department with an arrest warrant that can be paid off with a pre-loaded gift card.

District Attorney Kevin R. Steele's office said the scammer speaks with a southern accent and uses a phony local number to appear legitimate. The scammers have used the names "Lt. Daniels" and "Det. Rodriguez" while contacting victims, according to investigators.

Victims are told there is an active arrest warrant for failure to appear in court in Montgomery County or in a neighboring county. The victim is then instructed to load a pay card at a CVS or Walgreens with around $1,800 in order to dismiss the warrant, according to police. 

The DA's office said the fraudsters have told victims that the payment kiosk at the county courthouse has broken down and payment can be made over the phone using the card's number and pin. The scammer allegedly uses the information to transfer the funds from the cards to their own accounts.

"No money is involved if there is a warrant issued for someone’s failure to appear in court," Steele said. "A failure to appear warrant must be handled in a courtroom in front of a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas."

The District Attorney's Office said anyone who may have received a similar scam call should contact the Montgomery County Detective Bureau at 610-278-3368.



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