Dad Shames Daughter on Camera, Forces Her to Wear Sign Announcing She's a 'Thief'

(FOX NEWS) -- Did this Indiana dad go too far in punishing his daughter?

Gary Mills shared videos of his teenage daughter on Facebook that shows her wearing a cardboard sign that announces she's a thief.

The sign read, "My name is Abby Mills & I am a LIAR & a THEIF [sic]! I've stolen from my parents, brothers & sister. Aunts & uncles. I even stole my 9-yr-old cousin's Christmas presents."

In one of the videos that has gone viral, the dad can be heard asking people to share it "so everybody in the world will know my daughter's a thief and I'm sick and tired of it."

Mills also took aim at authorities who he claims don't do enough for teenagers who commit crimes.

On "Fox and Friends Weekend" today, Clayton Morris spoke with educational psychologist Dr. Charles Williams about the video.

Williams said that he thinks Mills went too far, because he only focused on the bad things his daughter did. He explained that parents should also focus on the positive attributes that their kids have to encourage them.

Watch the video clip above to hear more from Williams on "Fox and Friends Weekend."

WARNING: The video above contains graphic content.