Dad who wanted abortion allegedly beats baby girl within an inch of her life

(INSIDE EDITION) - A little girl is fighting for her life after New York City cops say her teenage father viciously attacked her.

Sixteen-month-old Nylah's battle to survive began on Father's Day when a 911 caller reported that the girl's mother had been chased and assaulted by her daughter's dad.

The dad, 19-year-old Shaquan Taylor, allegedly snatched the baby from the mother's arms before cops say he continued his assault on the mother.

Police were called to Taylor's Brooklyn apartment, where they reported finding the baby face down on the floor and having trouble breathing, according to the NYPD.

Doctors later determined that Nylah suffered injuries that included a fractured skull and bruising to her face, nose, arms and legs prior to the call about the assault on her mother.

Taylor was watching Nylah on Father's Day when he called her 17-year-old mother to tell her something was wrong with the baby and to come get her, CBS New York reported.

The altercation allegedly ensued when she arrived. Cops have now charged Taylor with assaulting Nylah before his call to the mother.

Nylah remains in a coma as of this writing.

Meanwhile, Facebook messages posted to Facebook by Taylor prior to Nylah's birth have emerged this week that appear to suggest he never wanted to be a father to begin with.

"Feel mad disrespected," Taylor wrote in a February 2016 Facebook post. "Told that lil b**** to get abortion [and] she tells me she is but still keep it. Exactly why I hate that lil b****."

Taylor has denied hurting the child and claims she was accidentally injured when she fell off the bed and off a toilet seat.