Dad Whose Son, 2, Accidentally Shot Himself Said He 'Forgot' He Left Handgun Out: Cops

(INSIDE EDITION) A Texas father whose young son died after accidentally shooting himself reportedly told police he "forgot" the firearm was left within reach of the boy when he went to work on the day of the tragedy.

Corpus Christi Police say Eric Morales, 22, told them that he put his loaded 9mm weapon on the kitchen table after coming home from dinner at a restaurant Saturday night.

Morales said he left for work the following morning without putting away the weapon, according to police.

Later, 2-year-old Ryan Morales found the gun and was handling it when it discharged, according to the police report.

The bullet hit the child in the right eye.

The boy's mother, Jennifer Voigt, told police she did not know the gun was on the table and that she'd been in the bathroom when she heard the gunshot.

Ryan was rushed to a local hospital, where he died from his injuries.

Morales was arrested and charged with criminally negligent homicide. He has reportedly since bailed out.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, a representative of the family has created a GoFundMe page to help offset the cost of Ryan's funeral.

As of this writing, the fundraiser has surpassed its goal of $5,000 by about $900.