Dallas woman doing laundry crushed by speeding driver

Police are investigating a crash in Oak Cliff that left a woman dead as she was walking into a laundromat.

Surveillance video shows the Sunday night collision that pinned a 23-year-old under her vehicle. Witnesses helped pull the SUV off of her, but it wasn't enough to save her life. She died right in front of her family.

"This is just unexpected. That's why everyone is like in shock," said Erika Gonzalez, the victim's sister in law. "She didn't deserve what happened to her."

Relatives of 23-year-old Maricruz Gonzalez say she'd just arrived at the laundromat with her 1-year-old daughter and husband. As she walked ahead with a laundry cart, police say an SUV driven by 47-year-old Juan Carlos Velasquez reversed at a high rate of speed and fishtailed, pinning Maricruz against a parked car.

"At the moment that she was crossing and he was trying to get the baby out of the car seat, that's when everything… he just heard the noise of the crash," explained Erika

Video shows Maricruz's husband walk into the frame stunned and set down a baby carrier. Velasquez tries to get away and walks out of view. Police say he ran until witnesses chased him down.

Those left behind managed to flip the SUV over and freed Maricruz, but it was too late for the young mom.

Velasquez's neighbor says she hasn't seen him in days.

"He was knocking everywhere trying to get in his house, but I guess they wouldn't let him in," Deborah Gallegos recalled.

Carlos Zavala says he'd recently installed the camera outside his barber shop, capturing the terrible scene.

"I hope it does some good," he said. "I hope whoever did it, I hope he pays for what he did."

Velasquez is charged with accident involving death and is being held on a $100,000 bond.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for the family's funeral expenses.