Dangerous intersection in Delaware County has locals calling for action

An intersection in one Upper Providence neighborhood has gained a reputation for being a traffic nightmare. Now, after the latest accident, neighbors have rallied support for safer traffic measures.

Just before midnight on Saturday, Mohammed Ahmmed and his family were awoken up by a frantic neighbor who let them know that a car had launched into their yard and destroyed part of their fence.

First responders rushed to the scene to extingusih the blazing vehicle, which painted a picture residence to the street have become all too familiar with.

Just last Christmas, the Ahmmeds witnessed a wreck that had taken out a tree behind their home.

The problem with the intersection is not puzzling to those who live around the area. Drivers can cruise along Lewis Road at 35 MPH, before it suddenly drops to 15 MPH for a hard right or left turn.

"I feel a light is needed," said Shamim Ahmmed.

Neighbors in the Orchard Court townhome development say the intersection's obscure and inconsistent set of rules produces the hysteria.

"There's always traffic beeping, no one knows where they are going," said Tim Sherry. "People are pulling into this development and going in the other direction and trying to get away from the traffic."

Upper Providence Township officials say they have been aware of the problems at the intersection for several years.

Back in 2015 the township's traffic expert suggested a traffic roundabout might be the best option for the site. However, that request required the approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Until an answer can be found, locals like the Ahmmeds go to sleep at night fully prepared to find a scorched car in their backyard in the morning.

"It's never ending," said Mohammed