'Dark days,' city leaders issue stark warning and caution against COVID fatigue

Dark days are ahead when it comes to COVID-19, according to Philadelphia city leaders. Officials are urging everyone not to give in to COVID fatigue, especially when vaccine distribution is reportedly close.

The Kemps of the Frankford neighborhood have come to North Philly’s Einstein Medical Center for help. Gwen Kemp says the cost of the medicine that eases her breathing skyrocketed and with COVID on the march, the couple is fearful.

“My wife and I are scared to death. We don’t know how it’s going to impact us, especially with medicines,” Tom Kemp stated.

The Kemps say they’ve ducked the virus by masking and staying distant from others.


601 residents were unable to and are now part of the city’s total COVID count of over 67,000. And, while the Health Commissioner sees some declining trends in cases, he’s offering a stark warning.

“We’re still in a difficult period in this epidemic. A tough period – maybe among the darker days of the epidemic,” Doctor Thomas Farley stated.

The COVID death toll in Philadelphia stands at 1,985. If the darkest days lie ahead, the loss of life seems unimaginable.

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“When we’re through the darkest days, how many Philadelphians will have been claimed by the virus?” asked FOX 29’s Jeff Cole.

“This wave could have as many deaths as the first wave. If it did, we could be at 3,600 deaths by the time we finish this wave,” Dr. Farley replied.

Farley is pinning his hopes on his new restrictions on dining and gatherings to save lives. He sees hopeful signs in the vaccines awaiting approval from regulators.

For the Kemps, Thanksgiving and most of the last nine months have been spent alone. A hard time they hope pays off.

“If we are vigilant now, maybe sometime next year, this will lighten up and we’ll be able to be with our friends and family,” Gwen Kemp explained.



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