Dash cam video released in Kerrick trial

CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY)- The dash cam video has been released in the Officer Randall Kerrick trial. Jurors have seen dashboard camera footage of the Charlotte police officer shooting Jonathan Ferrell, a man who had been looking for help after a car crash in 2013.

CMPD Officer Adam Neal took the stand. He was one of the officers who responded the night CMPD officer Kerrick shot Ferrell.

Neal was the last officer to arrive at the scene before the shooting. Ferrell can be seen in the headlights of Neal's car as he pulls off to the left-hand side and stops. Two other officers, including officer Kerrick on the right hand side of the road.

WATCH: Dashcam video of the shooting death of Jonathan Ferrell.

The video shows Officer Neal pulling up to the scene. Jonathan Ferrell runs off camera into the direction of the other police cruisers, then someone yells, "get on the ground," three times. Twelve shots are fired as an officer runs around the hood of the police car. Next, you can hear somebody say "don't move," three times. The whole encounter takes about five seconds. Then the area is quiet as the officers call for help.

Officer Neal testified in court Ferrell ran toward Officer Little and Officer Kerrick when he pulled up. He saw Ferrell "charging" after he saw red lights on his moving body from the taser. Officer Neal says he could see red dots from the taser on Ferrell and then he saw him run.

Neal says he saw Randall Kerrick fire four shots at Jonathan Ferrell as Ferrell ran at him. Neal says Ferrell then fell on top of Kerrick and the officer fired six more shots as Ferrell made a crawling motion across his legs. He says Ferrell stopped crawling for a moment, but when he began moving again, Kerrick fired the final two shots. Neal says he never thought of drawing his own gun. Under cross-examination, he said if he had fired, he would have hit Kerrick.

Crime scene tape went up about five minutes into the video and a Medic ambulance pulls up about 15 minutes after shots are fired.

Dashboard footage from Kerrick's car and the other officer is also expected to be introduced in Kerrick's voluntary manslaughter trial.

WATCH: Unedited 30 minute video of Officer Neal's dashcam.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.