Dash cam video released of deadly police-involved shooting

Graphic video released today of a man driving dangerously through Pleasantville and into Atlantic City back in 2014. It ends in the heart of the outlet shopping district with officers shooting and killing that driver after he fired at them. A witness was shaken up when she spoke to FOX 29 three years ago right after it happened.

"I come out here for vacation and it's a little scary. You come out here to relax and you've got to be worrying about stuff like this," said Crystal Jimenez. The video is too horrific to show it all. But we can show you the moment Antoquan Watson stepped out of the SUV he was driving with more than 20 police cars following and pointed a gun then began firing at police. We've stopped it just before police open fire killing Watson.

Prosecutors just released the 2014 dash cam video today because of a ruling by the New Jersey Supreme Court earlier this month. That ruling says footage of fatal police involved shootings should be released as a matter of public interest. In 2015 a grand jury reviewed the evidence but did not bring criminal indictments against the officers involved in the shooting.

According to the Prosecutors office, a nationally renowned expert on police use of excessive force found the use of force under these circumstances was lawful.