Daughter accused of killing her mother in Perkiomen Township

Police say a daughter is accused of murdering her mother in Perkiomen Township.

"I was shocked . I just heard the police activity this morning and I was just watching from my house," said Jane Delaney.

SkyFOX flew over a house on the 400 block of Abbey Lane in Perkiomen Township where investigators say a 21-year old girl stabbed her mother to death. The victim is 54- year-old Annette House. Jane and Pat Delaney say she's lived across the street from them for the past ten years.

"It's very sad. Nice woman, very quiet, stuck to herself and just minded her own business," said Jane. Police say 21-year-old Elena House Hay called them after three this morning from another house saying she saw a man in a gray sweatshirt running from the house when she found her mother stabbed in the chest. When they got on scene they say hay gave conflicting statements and had blood on her.

Eventually Hay told police she had a fight with her mother earlier in the night about Hay's treatment for bipolar disorder. Police say they found a broken window with a gardening glove stuck in it and blood smears near the front door but later found no signs of forced entry or a struggle. The victim had a kitchen knife stuck in her chest. It's a shock to neighbors.

"We're devastated. I mean what else can you say?" said Pat Delaney.

Investigators also revealed they retrieved a message from Hay's cell phone from the night before saying "Ha-ha I hate my family". They say eventually she told them she took the knife into her mother's bedroom and that she broke the front window before leaving.

Investigators say the victim also had defensive wounds on her arms. No motive has been given for the murder.