Deadline to register to vote in Pennsylvania

The registration deadline is Tuesday for Pennsylvanians who want to vote in next month's presidential election.

The Nov. 8 ballot also includes a competitive race for U.S. Senate that pits Republican incumbent Pat Toomey against Democratic challenger Katie McGinty.

All of Pennsylvania's 18 seats in the U.S. House and all 203 seats in the state House are also up this year, along with half the 50-member Senate. There will be only one candidate in many of the legislative elections.

Three statewide row offices will be decided, for attorney general, auditor general and state treasurer.

Voters will decide whether to amend the Pennsylvania Constitution to let justices, judges and district judges serve until age 75. The state's current mandatory retirement age for jurists is 70.

On the election calendar:

Tuesday, Oct. 11: Pennsylvania voter registration deadline. Click here for Pa. information.

Saturday, Oct. 15: Delaware voter registration deadline. Click here for Del. information.

Tuesday, Oct. 18: New Jersey voter registration deadline. Click here for N.J. information.

Wednesday, Oct. 19: 3rd and final presidential debate in Las Vegas, moderated by Chris Wallace of Fox News

Tuesday, Nov. 8: Election Day