Deaf, bullied student decides to stay at school after outpouring of support

OMAHA, NE- A high school student in Omaha who was bullied for being deaf, will not be transferring schools, after an incident involving a bully last week.

Two students at Burke High School took Alex Hernandez's backpack and dumped his tablet; school supplies, homework and debit card in the toilet.

The backpack also contained the battery for Hernandez's cochlear implant.

Hernandez, a senior, originally said he had enough.

He wanted to transfer.

His mother was planning to speak with school administrators on Tuesday, in order to pull Alex from the school and place him in another.

However, since his story first aired on a local news station, he's received an outpouring of support from his classmates, and around the country!

"I wanted to thank all of my friends for supporting me. I am very happy. It made me feel like I am not alone," Alex explained as he wiped tears from his eyes.

"They said they felt sorry for me and they were supporting me and they know how it feels like to be deaf. And I'm very happy," he added.

Alex says he now feels safer at school, and is spreading a message to other bulling victims.

"You can move on. Don't give up. Keep going," Alex said.

Hernandez's mother says the school notified her that they are investigating the incident.

One of the students has been suspended and the other is still being investigated.

Hernandez's mother plans on filing police reports against the two students.

She also hopes Alex's case will bring more awareness to bullying and encourage parents to check on their children.