Deaf Pit Bull from North Philly rescue competes in the Puppy Bowl

While most of us are gearing up for the Eagles and the Super Bowl this Sunday, let's not forget the Puppy Bowl. One of its extra special competitors is from our area.

The good boy's name is Neville Longbottom like the shy little Harry Potter character, but this pup's personality is far from shy or quiet and he can't hear a thing.

"We had him about 2 weeks and he wasn't listening to anything we said--kinda figured out from there."

Getting his attention for an interview can be a challenge when he's not wearing his vibrating collar.

He's a hand full at 70 pounds and 8 months old even for his new mom, Rachael McQuaid, at Hope Veterinary Specialists. He's not nearly the size he was when Street Tails Rescue in North Philly entered Neville to be selected for the Puppy Bowl.

It's for pups mostly up for adoption. There's also a team for contestants who have special needs. Neville played on both teams.

"He's great with small dogs and everything," McQuaid said.

Neville goes to daycare and training classes.

"With these kinds of dogs you have to be patient when you can't train them verbally it's harder, but he's well worth the work," McQuaid said.

Not bad for an underdog in this world right? If he can see it, he can follow it

Sporting his Puppy Bowl and Super Bowl teams gear, Neville is ready for Sunday.

"He has worn this shirt every time they played a game and won," McQuaid said. "We're sleeping in it overnight before for good luck and wearing it all day Sunday and Monday through Friday because they're going to win, right."