Delaware County intensifying effort to vaccinate as many at-risk patients as possible

People have been waiting weeks to finally get a COVID-19 vaccine appointment, but dozens in Delaware County got a surprise Tuesday with a very lucky phone call.

"Hi, is this Robert?" asked a clerk.

Bob Solms just got the call.

"Any chance you could come over now? We have an extra dose available," the clerk continued.

It’s not the lottery, but he did win what was inside the special freezer in the basement of Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Upland.

A dose of liquid gold – the COVID-19 vaccine.

Within a half hour of the surprise call, Bob was sitting in the exam room getting his vaccine. Talk about a shot in the arm.

"I just started jumping around, I was happy. It’s like my wife gave birth! I felt great! It’s not quite the same thing. But, it’s an exhilaration," Solms explained.


He’s one of nearly 700 patients a day coming through Crozer’s vaccine clinic. Right now, the earliest appointment is July. But, if there’s a no-show or a extra doses, calls are made to a waiting list, which is up to 10,000 patients.

"They feel like it’s their lucky day. They are crying. They are overjoyed," stated Kelly Gardner, with Crozer-Chester.

And, it’s not only patients who are thrilled. It’s been quite the experience for medical staff giving out vaccines.

"I love everyone’s reaction. They are excited. It’s nice to be here," RN Erica Cantwell remarked.

With hope, there’s also frustration. With so many at-risk still waiting for appointments, the clinic’s director offers this advice – don’t give up.

"Continue to try. Continue to try to get your vaccine. Especially if you are in that 1A category and 65 and older," Crozer Clinic Director Christy Hunt stated.

The goal from the CDC is to have vaccines available to everyone this summer. And, with every dose given, doctors are starting to see real hope for an end to the pandemic.

"We’ve got weeks and months of work ahead of us to get there. But, we are on the road to getting there, for sure," Crozer-Chester Chief Medical Officer Dr. Gary Zimmer elaborated.


For more information on coronavirus vaccines in individual states, visit FOX 29's coronavirus vaccine page.



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