Delaware County introduces members of newly formed health department

Delaware County on Tuesday introduced the leaders of its newly formed health department nearly two years after the coronavirus pandemic highlighted the county's public health weakness. 

The Delaware County Health Department will entrust Melissa Lyon to make health decisions for a county with a population of more than half a million residents. 

"Our job is to prevent illness, disease, death, so ultimately we’re working to keep people from using the emergency room, period," Lyon said. 

The department will operate with a $10M budget and use the money in part to inspect restaurants, test water and track disease. The ongoing fight against the COVID-19 virus will also be a big chunk of the department's purpose. 

"It’s still COVID," Lyon said. "As much as no one wants to hear it, it is still the thing that’s impacting morbidity and mortality in our community."

Pennsylvania still has to officially approve the new department, but no snafus are expected. 

"Together, we worked to offer our residents our very own health department committed to serving the residents of Delaware County," Councilmember Dr. Monica Monica Taylor said. 



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