Delaware County woman pleads for justice after she says her husband was killed by a drunk driver

A Delaware County mom wants justice after she says his husband was killed by a drunk driver. He leaves behind three young children.

Amanda Gouck cherishes the moments with her three daughters, ages 2, 6 and 11, but she says they are missing their father terribly. He was a stay-at-home dad and loved his girls.

"My middle child Zoey she is the one who takes it the hardest cuz they were so close," she told FOX 29.

Joseph Gouck, 28, was driving for Uber on Sunday, June 23 around 2 a.m. when the crash happened at 21st and Providence Avenue.

"He got hit so hard that he went from sitting upright in the driver's seat and ended up head down in the passenger footwell," Gouck explained.

She rushed to Chester Crozier Hospital to be by his side. Gouck says the other driver taken to the same hospital with minor injuries. She says two family members who arrived ahead of her witnessed something they'll never forget. 

"She was in the room right next door to my husband in the emergency room and they said she was so intoxicated she didn't know where she was," Gouck said. "When I did speak to the detective, he told me she was legally intoxicated."

Since then, she says she's gotten few answers from police and can't even a copy of the accident report. Her husband died a month later.

FOX 29 reached out to Chester police but have not yet heard back. Gouck says she knows they're doing their best; however, her world has been turned upside down and she needs closure and accountability.


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