Delaware lifting indoor COVID restrictions May 21; masks still required

Delaware is making major changes to their COVID-19 restrictions, Governor John Carney announced Tuesday.

Beginning May 21st, all indoor capacity restrictions will be lifted. This includes retail, restaurants, houses of worship and other business establishments.

Masks will still be required for indoor settings. Wearing masks outside will follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC. Social distancing will be reduced from six feet to three feet.

Customers at bars or restaurants must continue to remain seated, unless dance floor plans, or other areas, are approved in advance of any event by the Delaware Division of Public Health. Distancing of at least three feet must still be maintained.

DPH still must have plan approval for outdoor or indoor events with over 250 people.

"With less restrictions, that does mean there is more personal responsibility on each of us to do what helps keep ourselves and our friends and family members safe," Stated Director of Delaware’s Division of Public Health Dr. Karyl Rattay.

More information on Delaware’s coronavirus restrictions can be found on their website.



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