Delaware teacher's viral 'push through' mantra becomes a book

In celebration of Black History Month, FOX 29 caught up with a remarkable teacher who gained national attention in 2017 for encouraging her students to use a powerful mantra to motivate them. 

Jasmyn Wright, who used to teach in North Philadelphia, went viral after a video of her students reciting her "Push Through" mantra caught the attention of the nation. 

FOX 29's Lauren Johnson, who interviewed Jasmyn three years ago, met with her Feb. 3 to learn about Jasmyn's latest success with the mantra. 

"Push Through" was such an uplifting mantra that it resulted in a back-to-school ad with Gap and, now, Jasmyn will be soon releasing a book of a similar title. 

"I'm Gonna Push Through!" is set to be released Feb. 18 and is an all-inclusive picture book meant to teach children resilience. 

After her mantra went viral in 2017, Jasmyn traveled the world for educational and career-related opportunities. 

Now a teacher at the Serviam Girls Academy in New Castle, Delaware, Jasmyn spoke with Lauren Johnson about her success in the recent years and her mission with "Push Through". 

While "Push Through" has been very empowering for her students, Jasmyn hopes that people will take it with them in all parts of their lives. 

"Anybody, anywhere, any ethnicity, any identity can push through it. That's something that anybody can identify with," Jasmyn told FOX 29. 

Her mantra has reached classrooms in 25 countries and 19 states within the U.S. Her "lessons through affirmations" curriculum is also being taught at six schools in Philadelphia. 

To learn more about Jasmyn Wright and "Push Through", you can visit her website