Pennsylvania middle school student accused of unprovoked attack on classmate using Stanley cup

A 13-year-old student at Pennbrook Middle School is facing charges for what police are calling an unprovoked attack against a classmate.

The brutal incident broke out around 1:15 in the afternoon. The school was placed on a "hold" according to administrators, while they worked to bring calm to the situation and as law enforcement and medics proceeded with their tasks.

Upper Gwynedd Police say the 13-year-old violently attacked a 12-year-old student in the cafeteria, unprovoked, using a Stanley metal mug, causing head injuries.

The 12-year-old student was hospitalized as a result. In surveillance video viewed by FOX 29, the victim's head was bleeding.

The school day resumed after the hold was over.

The student hospitalized sustained serious injuries, according to school officials.

The middle school principal sent a letter home to parents, first calling the incident a physical altercation.

The district superintendent sent a longer email about the incident later Wednesday evening, saying the principal would meet with each grade Thursday to talk about what students witnessed.

School administrators were making the school’s counseling department readily available Thursday, as well as the North Penn School District traumatic event response team to help students with the very serious actions they observed.

Officials said they are in contact with both families of the students and are working with those families and law enforcement to gain better information and to find a resolution.

A school board meeting is planned for Thursday evening.

Parent Sarah Batory got emotional describing a text she received from her son on what should have been an ordinary Wednesday at school, saying, "He texted me, ‘Mom, I’m scared.’ I can’t even tell you what it’s like to get a text message like that when your kid’s at school."

She says she’s now questioning if and when he’ll return after what he witnessed. "He’s been a mess ever since. I just feel like there had to be multiple failures along the way for this to happen."

Parent Stephanie Palovcak described her emotions, "You get that call from your kids hearing the words blood and help me and you freeze and you panic."

Mom Alyssa Santiago says she reported the 13-year-old student earlier in the week to school counselors after her daughter was threatened. "If it were taken serious, by multiple complaints, that little girl would’ve been in school today and my daughter is traumatized."

Palovcak added, "It did not have to come to this. It did not have to come to this if they took action sooner."

Another mom asked to be anonymous, "It’s just very uneasy because it’s like why did she just pick a random person? Was there any information that they knew ahead of time? I want to know is this child returning? How are you keeping our kids safe?"