DELCO EAST: Delaware County residents flock to Sea Isle for the summer

They may be 80 miles away from each other but they couldn't be more close--Delaware County and Sea Isle.

Now, the relationship is official. Well, kind of. The Sea Isle and Delco Chambers of Commerce are starting a series of summer networking events to connect the two areas.

"The last week in July and the first 2 weeks in August we call them Delaware County East," Director of Tourism Jim Bennett said.

Michael Fox grew up in Delco. He now works at La Costa Liquor stores where you can even get Delco beer and most of the customers--you guessed it.

"90% of the people down here that live on the island are from Delco or have some connection to Delco," he told FOX 29.

But there's one small problem--the Delco Chamber of Commerce is now hearing it from residents from other shore towns. Are you listening Wildwood?

"We've gotten a lot of fun banter from people that go to other shore points along the Atlantic Ocean. They're saying how can you call that Delco East?" Delaware County Chamber of Commerce Trish McFarland said.