Delco Man Paints Over Anti-Cop Graffiti in Chester

CHESTER, PA (WTXF) - One Delaware County man was sick and tired of seeing hate-filled graffiti so he painted over it.

Someone had spray-painted an anti-cop message on a wall in Chester. The man took matters into his own hands and grabbed a paint can and a roller.

With a few strokes, Pat McCusker wiped out these words of hate plastered in red on an underpass beneath I-95 in Chester.

"When I drove by on Monday, I kind of saw it and was off and shocked it would even be up there," McCusker told FOX 29.

The tag was still there when pat drove by again later in the week.

The landscaper and Garnett Valley Basketball Coach decided it had hung there long enough.

"I ran home and grabbed some paint. I had time to think and I wanted to respond with my own message. Little bit more lighthearted," McCusker said.

Now snow men peer out from the concrete someone else even posted a message of support.

The video Pat shared of his efforts on the underpass has traveled at light speed on the information superhighway. Over 80 thousand likes in less than a day.

"It's a reflection of the climate in the country. We know this type of feeling exists in many areas," Chester Mayor Wendell Butler said.

Butler says the city encourages public dialogue with people unhappy with police threats are not tolerated.

"I've had messages from Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey New York saying "thank you" from police officers and I think that's a big deal people should stand up for them more they stand up for us," Butler said.

The Mayor says the Streets Department would have eventually painted over the graffiti themselves.

You can watch the full video here.