Demand rising for COVID testing, rapid home kits especially following holiday

As COVID cases continue to rise so does the amount of people wanting to know if they're in that number. It’s especially noticeable during this holiday season. 

"Everybody seems to be getting COVID. Everybody I know," said Doreen Daley. 

Traffic at drive-up COVID testing sites like one in the parking lot of Deptford Mall aren't easing up. 

"Well, my son tested positive, and I live with him," said Daley as she waited in line in Deptford Monday. But her first appointment was at a testing site in Voorhees this afternoon. 

"They told me to come here because they’re closing that site down because of the traffic on Route 73 was too crazy," she said. It was the same for Margaret Ann Raab who says she also started with an appointment in Voorhees. 

"The cops came and said everybody go home and come back at five. So, I went back there at 5 and they said we’re closed and to come here. So, this has been an all-day affair," said Raab who also says it took days to get this test appointment and no luck, yet she says getting home test kits. 

"Oh my God yeah. I’ve been to seven pharmacies today and probably eight yesterday just looking for the at-home kits. There’s none to be had. Somebody’s got to do something. This is ridiculous," she said. 

Encouraging news though from President Biden half a billion free rapid tests kits will soon be on the way for people to test at home. And New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced a new federal testing site planned for the state to increase community access. 

"We’re staying home," said John Jackowski. He says the surge in COVID cases has him revamping New Year's holiday plans. He brought his daughter Julia to get tested Monday.  

"(Was Christmas a stay at home?) No. Unfortunately, that’s why we’re getting the test," he said. 



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