Demolition set to begin for building destroyed by fire in Old City

The demolition of a fire-ravaged building in Old City is set to begin. Flames swept through the building on February 18--destroying apartments and businesses in its path.

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239 Chestnut was made "imminently dangerous" in the 4-alarm fire. The building will be demolished; however, its cast iron first floor facade will be saved.

What touched off the blaze is "still" under investigation. A spokesperson for the lead federal investigator says Tuesday's work--pulling massive AC units out of 237 Chestnut will allow investigators to finally enter the structures to find a cause.

"Many of our businesses were fully-insured for their contents lost. We're trying to help that they are open for business and people are welcome," Job Itzkowitz, who heads the Old City District, said.

A spokesperson for the city Department of Licenses and Inspections says this work may take "several weeks". Several streets in the area remain closed to traffic.