Despite complaints, abandoned car has lived on Southwest Philadelphia block for nearly 2 years

Cemetery Avenue doesn't live up to its name, at least on one Southwest Philadelphia block.

The neighbors there say "Family Avenue" would be more appropriate.

"We all know eachother's children, grandchildren, parents," Melissa Bradford said. "My neighbor, he's second generation at his home, I'm second generation at my home, we're both looking to leave our homes to our children, it's a tight-knit block."

However, Bradford says something did die on her block approximately two years ago -- a car.

She says one day it showed up and it never left.

"This is not a car that belongs to anybody on this block or that one, no one can identify who this car belongs to and it shouldn't be here," Bradford said.

The car has grass growing around the wheel, shattered windows and is missing plates.

However, Bradford and her neighbors say the main concern now is the chaos the abandoned ride brings to their tight-knit block, which is jam-packed with children.

"I've pulled out condoms, I've pulled out crack pipes, I've pulled out crack vial, dope bags," Kevin Kelly said.

"We don't want anything around here to hurt kids you know, we actually care about our community, we actually care," Bradford said.

Neighbors say police have ticketed the car, but their complaints haven't gone anywhere since Bradford first called Philly 311 back in November of 2018.

A spokeswoman told Fox 29 they investigated that claim in January and the car wasn't there. Bradford says the car has not moved.

Philly 311 says Bradford's latest complaint came on Tuesday and they have 30 days to investigate it before determining next steps. On Wednesday night, Philly Police told Fox 29 they are working with neighborhood services and will have the car towed within the next few days.

Bradford says she hopes the cars visitors leave with it.

"I just want it gone, that's it, I'm satisfied."