NYPD treating 9/11 anniversary in 'elevated threat environment'

With the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks days away and the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the NYPD has increased its security alert level despite no known credible threats against New York City.

"We are treating this as an elevated threat environment absent specific information," said John Miller, NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence and Counterterrorism. "Why? Here's why: we have seen the call to action this year be louder and better organized from terrorist groups than we have seen in prior years. That is probably because this 9/11 remembrance marks the 20th anniversary but it also comes at the same time of the fall of a U.S. supported government in Afghanistan and the return of the Taliban."

The presence of uniformed and plainclothes officers will be increased throughout the city and on Saturday during a ceremony marking the anniversary.

Explosive detection canines, explosives detection instruments, license plate readers, cameras and other equipment will be in use.

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More than a dozen, significant propaganda releases, mostly from Al-Qaeda, are also being monitored.

"We know the ways of the terrorists," said Mayor Bill de Blasio during a briefing from City Hall. "We understand this anniversary is going to be on their minds, too. We've seen some attacks recently around the world that are worrisome which is why we monitor all the time."

The mayor reminded New Yorkers that the use of drones in and around Ground Zero is never allowed.

"They are going to be confiscated," added de Blasio.


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