Detroit veteran robbed while sitting on front porch

Police are seeking the public's assistance in locating two suspects wanted in connection with an armed robbery that occurred on the city's west side.

68-year-old Kendrick Holloway had just gotten home from the doctors where he got his eyes dilated and couldn't see very well, two guys nearby took advantage of him, they robbed him of everything he had on him.

"I hope whoever did this I hope they get caught and punished for what they did," Ella Smith said, girlfriend of victim.

Ella Smith, worried sick about what happened to her longtime boyfriend - Kendrick Holloway.

"He's real shaken up," she said.

The Vietnam Veteran was robbed in the middle of the day on his own porch off Greenlawn on Detroit's west side.

"He was coming home from the VA yesterday had gotten his eyes dilated," she said.

He couldn't see well and couldn't open the door, surveillance video from his doorbell camera shows what happens next.

"They told him to sit down and give up everything he had on him," Ella said.

The man in the hoodie pulls out a pistol pointed right at Kendrick.

"One guy had a gun the other guy was taking his stuff," she said.

You can see him pulling off his jewelry, sentimental jewelry that can't be replaced.

"They got his bracelet four rings his watch, his chain, and his cell phone" she said.

They took the few dollars he had on him too and left Kendrick stunned.

"You don't feel safe no more," she said.

She says it's one of those streets where people keep watch so this is a surprise.

"This is a beautiful neighborhood and everyone is friendly over here and they watch out for each other," Ella said.

Ella says Kendrick not only served his country but worked hard for the life he has, now he's been violated.

"Why you go robbing people why would you steal from somebody go out and work for what you want instead of stealing from the people who worked all their lives to accumulate what they got," she said.