Devon Still Offers Trip to Disney to Bullied Cancer Patient

(WTXF)- After months and months of watching his young daughter battle cancer and receiving nationwide support, former NFL Defensive Lineman Devon Still is giving back.

Still took to social media Thursday, explaining that he had just gotten off the phone with a young woman battling both leukemia and bullies.

Now, according to TMZ, still wanted to do something nice for that girl and her family.

Still has offered to take the entire family to Disney World.

On Twitter, Still then went on to share the girl's story, in her own words.

14-year-old Nicole Pfister explained what it was like for her to watch all of her hair fall out at the age of 13, while losing the ability to walk and get out of bed.

Chemotherapy had taken its toll on her.

"I cried every night and day, one day I begged my mother to stop, I told her I gave up to plz stop the pain. I told god I was done. Then one day I didn't throw up, nor the next or the next," Nicole explained.

After multiple complications, Nicole says she has started to heal, and she is smiling again.

However, another battle took place online as Still's post also includes examples of unthinkable teasing and bullying Nicole has faced from more than just one person.

Still tells TMZ that Nicole's battles with both cancer and bullying hit especially close to home for him, because he is worried about how his daughter, Leah, will be treated when she returns to school following her cancer battle.