Did Nick Foles lose his Super Bowl ring at a Collingswood store?

After all it took to get one a lost Super Bowl ring would be heartbreaking for any Eagle, so when someone posted he found Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles' ring in South Jersey it got some attention.

It was the news that had the town buzzing. A Collingswood Wawa employee tweeting, "Nick Foles came to the store next to my Wawa and left his Super Bowl ring in the store."

The picture quickly went viral and people called the Wawa wondering if the story was true.

Well, it wasn't a lie it was a joke. The 'Super Bowl ring' didn't come from Nick Foles. It actually came from Tony Baratta, a local taxidermist, who got it for $29.99. He got a pretty authentic looking fake Nick Foles Super Bowl ring.

"I asked Nick where's his ring and he said his wife left it in his handbag and they walked out without it. And now I got Foles' ring and they believed it," he said. "I just knew this would set them off and it did."

It sure did. The story caught fire and went viral. Even the Philadelphia Eagles heard about the story and confirmed the ring in the photo isn't the real deal

Baratta, a life-long eagles fan who actually does business with some players, says he already planning his nex purchase.