Dismantled Pennsylvania gun ring accused of putting dozens of firearms on the streets

Prosecutors in Montgomery and Bucks counties announced the dismantlement of a gun trafficking ring that they allege put over 30 illegal weapons on the streets using so-called straw purchasers to buy firearms from local gun shops.

The Robinson brothers were charged in the case, county prosecutors announced during a joint press conference on Thursday. Investigators allege that 20-year-old Clayton was the ringleader, with "sales help" from Julian, 31, and 18-year-old Kenneth.

Authorities said Brett Portner of Jenkintown, Maurice Baker of Bristol, and Joseph Lynch of Ga. - still being sought - were the "straw purchasers" buying guns legally for illegal purposes.

Montgomery District Attorney Kevin Steele was joined by his counterpart from Bucks County, Matt Weintraub on Thursday.  Investigators said the probe started after Clayton Robinson was involved in a traffic stop, which lead to a raid on the Robinson's home along the 800 block of Penn Avenue in Abington.

A neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous, said they awoke to SWAT officers surrounding the home. When they found out what the early morning raid was about, the neighbor said he was shaken by how close the crime was to his home. 

"This is the scourge we need to be fighting, drugs and guns they go hand in hand," Weintraub said. "We know that the combination is not only dangerous but deadly."

Of the over 30 illegal guns alleged to have been put on the streets by the crime ring, investigators say they have only recovered six. 

"It blows your mind, you always think that it won’t come close to you, and it’s right in your backyard," a neighbor said.