Disturbing fliers circulate on social media promoting a day of hate

There's concern in the Muslim community as a hateful and racist flier is circulating on social media. It promotes a day of hate next week. Now, police all over our area say they are on alert.

Worshipers at the Masjid Al Madinah Mosque in Upper Darby, participated in mid-day services as usual Friday, but once again members and visitors are concerned after a regional alert was issued about a possible threat against Muslims.

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"I think it's just sad," Amjad Ali told FOX 29 outside the mosque Friday.

"I was shocked and surprised. I think this is some mental issue people who are doing this kind of act and needs to be stopped," Kamal Rahman, the president of the mosque, said.

"Definitely have to look out for yourself and for your neighbors. Even walking down the street you want to be on the safe side," Ali added.

The alert concerned a flier left at mosques in London. It has now spread via social media. It calls for 'Punish a Muslim Day' this coming Tuesday and it has local police and Muslims on guard.

"The more you go into this kind of evil game or whatever they're calling it--it's just horrific," Radnor Police Deputy Superintendent Christopher Flanagan said.

"As for us going for my daily activities. I don't feel threatened by anybody," Ali said.

The flier sets a point system for acts against Muslims on that day from verbally abusing them to beating them up and tossing acid in their faces.

"To think like that or a point system like that on the value of human life or religious institution is just unconscionable," Deputy Superintendent Flanagan added.

"I'll alert our people to be careful and observe and if they see anything, they call police authority right away," President Rahman said.

At mosques across our area, Muslim members were slowly learning about the threat. Police say so far there's no credible evidence that any group is behind this hateful game. Still, they'll will be watching.

"Report everything to 9-1-1--we don't want to leave one stone unturned--don't hesitate," Superintendent Flanagan said.

"Those are cowardly acts that need to be stopped." Rahman said. "We'll be observant and make sure they don't hurt anybody."

The Philadelphia police and the local FBI would not comment on the threat. If you see one of the fliers posted somewhere don't destroy it, [;ease call police. They may be able to track down the people behind this from that flier.