Dog hospice in New Jersey filled with belly rubs and happiness

It's inevitable a pet getting older and eventually dying is going to happen and sadly for some they're abandoned and alone. But looking for the light, as he always does, our Bill Anderson spent the day at a hospice making sure dogs live out their lives happy and loved.

"They counted on you.They depended on you and for you to just hand them off because you don't feel like it anymore or you just don't care is just so unfair," said volunteer Sandie Hoper.

Unfortunately, we've done too many stories about overcrowded dog shelters and dogs that are euthanized just because they become too much trouble to take care of. But here at a place called Monkey's House in Southampton, New Jersey, they're bringing those dogs in and giving them a loving place to live out their final days.

"We do everything we can that's gonna improve their quality of life and then we live that life with them," volunteer Michele Allen explained.

Live that life with them is a perfect description. The overwhelming majority of the more than 20 dogs that live there are terminally ill but you'd never know it by the attention and love that they receive from Michele, her family and volunteers.

"We can't stop them from dying. We don't stop them from dying but we do make sure that they are loved that they feel like this is the best part of life ever," she explained.

Tracey, Sandie and two volunteers at Monkey's House made it clear that it can be sad knowing that the dogs lives may now be short but the love they give and receive is much more important.

"It has it's sad moments, there are plenty of tears but the joy I get when I come here is nothing short of amazing. To know that their time here was the best they've ever had makes it all worth it."

In FOX 29's Bill Anderson's short time there he played with the dogs, loved them and like Michele explained, he may have even learned from them.

"While you're dying you're still alive, those days still count. If you don't appreciate and see the beauty in a day, you've missed a day you're one step closer to your death. That's how it is with these dogs and they're actually better at it than we are."

Remember today matters and live life that way for goodness sake. If you wish to help or donate, please click here.