Dog in need of foster home while sick owner searches for new home

Sadly we've done too many stories about pets in need of a home. Dog fighting, irresponsible owners and overcrowded shelters are usually the cause. But this is different. It's a loving owner and a loyal dog that just need a month or two of kindness.

"Once he found out he had cancer he had a really tough time because he had it in his spinal cord, so it was hard for him to walk Dutch, so he ended up moving out of the place he was living and into a place where he couldn't take the dog," Holly said.

So the owner was battling cancer and couldn't care for Dutch but he loved him and thought he had made arrangements for his friend.

"He gave Dutch to his brother in law, who then gave Dutch to a friend. The owner didn't know that Dutch was going to a friend."

Somehow Dutch was abandoned by the so called friend and that's where we stand today. The team at shore animal control found Dutch and brought him in.

"A woman went out to feed him and he jumped right in her car, let's go for a car ride. So clearly not an aggressive dog, no not at all," Chelsea said.

Shore Control can't keep Dutch long term while his owner now looks for a new place where he can bring Dutch and they worry about him going to a shelter where they say a sweet loving dog can become aggressive.

"I don't want to see him, as sweet an loving as he is, turn into a dog that's aggressive just because he's stressed and doesn't know where he is," Holly said.

Let's just put it all out there.

Like many of you watching I had questions about how Dutch ended up abandoned and the "friends" who would allow this to happen to a dog under their care but while we debate human mistakes it's the dog and who will suffer by no fault of his own.

"He's just the sweetest dog, he looks like a scary pit bull, he's huge and massive but he's just the sweetest dog."

Every day we want to share stories of people doing good things in their community and today shore animal control represents half of the story but Dutch still needs you. Today's social media quote: "Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen."

If you're one of those people and can help Dutch just tweet me at @BillAFox29 and continue to show how our area supports one another for goodness sake.