Dog's reunion day after fire damages 5 historic buildings

A fire in New York's capital city heavily damaged five 19th century buildings and forced more than a dozen people from their homes, officials said Tuesday.

Albany fire officials said the blaze started around 9 p.m. Monday in a block of row houses. It quickly tore through the two- and three-story buildings in the city's Central Square neighborhood. Crews from Watervliet and Troy helped bring the fire under control.

No injuries were reported.

Spice the dog was trapped overnight in one of those burning buildings. Firefighters actually found the dog on a second search of the building. You can see he made an emotional reunion with his owner. Courtesy Facebook/WRGB Heather Kovar via Storyful.

The popular downtown neighborhood, located a few blocks from the state Capitol, is a mix of brownstones, art galleries, shops, restaurants and nightclubs.

Dana Longley, who lived in one of the damaged Victorian-era homes, said she was outside when the fire started in the home next door.

"I just smelled something funny and walked out back and fire was pouring out of this place here," she said, pointing to the neighboring duplex. "Then the firefighters were banging on the door."

Officials said five buildings sustained extensive damage and the fire forced 16 people from their homes. The cause of the blaze is under investigation.

The Times Union reported that a city engineer will determine whether any of the homes will be demolished.