Donor Steps Up to Help Atlantic City Church

A local church was losing hope... As the neighborhood violence increased around it. But now a south jersey businessman is stepping in to help... With a very unexpected donation. Bill Anderson with more:

A blessing, a miracle they're calling it a lot of things. The church is called City of Hope and now thanks to the unexpected kindness of a local businessman, their future matches their name, It's also filled with hope.

During the holiday season Churches often are the ones giving, gifts, support and hope to those in need but this year a Church in Atlantic city was in need of a special gift.

After looking for a safer and affordable area to build a new Church, Pastor Applewhite answered an ad for a property for sale and found what some are calling a Christmas miracle (sot)

The owner of the property James Horowitz had been looking to sell and was touched by the Church's story.

Although the land has been donated the Church still has to raise the roughly 300,000 to build. But pastor Applewhite is undaunted and feeling encouraged after seeing the holiday kindness they've already received

The donated land is valued at around 100 thousand dollars but thats only the beginning. At 6 I'll be back to tell you about the additional donations that started coming to the city of hope to further expand their Christmas miracle!