Downed power line creates problem for Fox Chase neighborhood

A down power line has been lying in the road in a Fox Chase neighborhood for months, and created a dangerous environment for residents.

The live wire on Burholme Avenue has been there ever since the block began losing power last year.

PECO started what they describe as a "temporary fix," which invovles and underground transformer. But that work started in the begining of November, nearly 80 days ago.

"There are kids that are constantly riding their bikes," said Daniella McGlone. "It just makes me nervous."

Signs that read "emergency electric" and "do not touch" are posted across the street, but cones and yellow covers keep getting knocked out of place and residents are left to put them back together.

"Our kids play here all teh time and we can not have them on this end of the block anymore because it's too dangerous," said David Sullivan.

Neighbors say the intersection where the live wire lay is off limits to their kids. In the meantime, calls to Fox Chase City Council members and PECO services have done little to solve the problem.

Some wonder what will happen next snowfall.

"If one plow comes down this street it would just rip it out and we would have a major live wire," said Sullivan.