Dozens of Mercer County kids shave their heads to fight pediatric cancer

Going bald for childhood cancer – it’s worth it. Dozens of children did just that Friday at Bear Tavern Elementary School.

They rolled into the gym at the Titusville, New Jersey school to either watch classmates get shaved or get themselves shaved, either totally bald, or get a haircut. Isaac Waas has been at it for years and his dad loves him for it.

"I was like, I just wanna shave my head to raise money for this and he was like, ‘Okay.’ Because he doesn't have any hair, so he was like, ‘Okay,’" Isaac said. His dad added, "It's been a tradition ever since, so much that our younger son, Elliot, this year decided he wanted to do it. He's in third grade."

Buzzers clicked at 2 p.m. in the school and the hair started to fly and youngsters were blown away by the spectacle.

One student remarked, "A little bit weird. I've done it before. But, definitely, the first time is a little bit scary."

More than 40 children got the chrome dome, raising more than $20,000 for children’s cancer research so far, this year. The Lawrence program has raised more than $2 million over the course of its 16-year-old involvement.

Kids began to call out to FOX 29’s Hank Flynn to get his hair cut and, eventually, he caved into the demands, adding, why not stand in solidarity with young people who are standing up against pediatric cancer?

Dr. Michael McCue got the Lawrence chapter started at Amalfi's Tavern, an Italian restaurant in town, 16 years ago.

"If you've been touched by cancer, or not touched by cancer, but you believe in helping children fight cancer and that research not only helps children, but, anything we can do to learn about cancer to fight it, helps everybody," Dr. McCue explained.

Anyone interested in getting involved can get information at the Amalfi’s Tavern Facebook page, here, in Lawrence, N.J. for a Saturday event, or at the St. Baldrick’s Foundation website, here.