Driver fined, license suspended for 'dangerous' trash heap in car

You may think your car is a mess, but there's a good chance your filth never landed you in legal trouble.

FOX News reports Thames Valley Roads Policing Unit in Marlow, England fined a driver and suspended his license after he had a 'dangerous' amount of trash scattered on the floor of his vehicle.

The trash heap was comprised mostly of fast food wrappers, Styrofoam containers, receipts, and miscellaneous papers.

Police say the rubbish was so widely dispersed that it was found under the floor pedals of the car.

Authorities discovered the mess after pulling the vehicle over for an unrelated reason.

Photos released by the department only show the driver's side of the car, but it is easy to visualize the pile spilling over into the passengers floor space.

Perhaps this driver should learn to keep his junk in the trunk.