Dunbar High School cheerleaders surprised with new uniforms

A cheerleading squad that had to skip the first game of the season because their new uniforms never arrived got a big surprise Friday morning.

A local company called Cheerleading.com saw the story on FOX 4 about the Dunbar High School Wildcats stepped up with donations and a rush order. Their new uniforms were revealed live on Good Day.

"We are just so excited that we were able to step up doing our busiest time of year to help you ladies and we are outfitting you guys from bow to toe so you look fabulous at your game tomorrow," said Tracie O'Neal from Cheerleading.com.

The money the cheerleaders and their families originally paid for game uniforms went missing. The Fort Worth Independent School District acknowledged an employee was being investigated because of the unaccounted funds.

"We entrusted the district, the school, we entrusted all of them and now, not only are we financially the victims but our children now are the emotional victims to this," said Catrena Boston, the mother of one varsity cheerleader.

Jaylen Renfro said she and her fellow cheerleaders are now really excited about being on the football field.

"We appreciate everything that everybody has done for us and getting our uniforms back and getting everything back. We just really appreciate it and we just want to say thank you," she said.