Duo accused of stealing purse from grandmother

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Police say a heartless thief targeted a grandmother; snatching her purse right from her lap as she sat helplessly in her wheelchair.

According to police, the despicable crime happened at Philly Laundry on 51st and Walnut Sunday afternoon. Police Lt. John Walker says the man and woman may have followed the 53-year-old victim from a nearby bank or ATM. The duo waited for her to let her guard down as she did laundry before grabbing her bag, nearly knocking her out of her wheelchair as she tried to stop them, police say.

Customer Kenny Wynn arrived at the laundromat just after the alleged robbers fled. He says the victim was visibly shaken and upset.

The female suspect appears to have driven the getaway car. Good Samaritans chased the man but the bandits sped off. Police say they got away with $600 in cash as well as credit and debit cards.

"These two individuals are exhibiting behavior where if they're willing to go that far what else could they do," said Lt. Walker.