Brandon Graham surprises engaged couple who recreated historic kiss at Super Bowl parade

Everyone loves a happy ending – or in the case of two Eagles fans, a happy beginning. 

After the Eagles won the Super Bowl, Shamus Clancy tweeted the photo of a famous kiss after World War II ended and wrote "me and your girl on Broad Street."

Ashley Suder saw the tweet and offered to recreate it with Shamus – leading to their own famous photo. 

Now, the two are engaged!

Ashley, who says she was surprised, explained that they went to the Sixers' game and decided to go to a bar afterwards. 

They went to the bar where they went on their first date and afterwards went back to where it all happened on Broad Street. 

They shared a kiss and when she turned to walk away, Shamus called back to her, and she turned to find him down on one knee. 

"It was unreal, it was so magical," Ashley recalls. 

During their Good Day Philadelphia interview, Brandon Graham surprised them with a heartfelt message. 

"Hey Shamus, hey Ashley. It's Brandon Graham. Hey, I saw your story and had to reach out to congratulate you on your engagement," Graham said. "I will never forget how great the day in February 2018 was when we could race down Broad Street and celebrate it with the city of Philadelphia. Hearing a story like yours is why playing for this city is so special. On behalf of the Eagles organization, we wish you the best on this next chapter together. Congrats, again and Go Birds!"

Both Ashley and Shamus were moved to tears by the message.  

While they haven't currently made any wedding plan just yet, they are actively in the process of telling people about their new engagement. 



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